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we’re actually going to go to an airport in Piqué XDA and it’s right over here behind me. So, guys, let’s do this. And I even got my bag and everything and literally super ready to go inside of the airport. It’s just going to be amazing. So, guys, let’s do this and go to the airport. Actually, look super cool.

 And there’s actually a raccoon over here. But like I said, just go to the airport. You guys were actually right over here in the airport and there’s actually a police car, and I’m guessing I actually have to scan myself right over here. OK, guys, I’m guessing there I’m guessing the police guard wants me to actually scan myself looking and just kind of scan myself over here. 

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And I’m guessing this is actually a place where you can actually put your bag and then actually a bag scanner. So if you never went to an airport, there’s actually a place where you can actually scan your bags and stuff. So, yeah, guys, I’m just going to put my bag right over here. 

Also, the police car actually wants me to scan my bag, so I guess let’s do this. So I guess my bag is actually in. And as you can see, guess I’m guessing the police officer is actually checking my bag. So is my backpack a good police officer? So I guess I’m guessing my bag is actually good. 

So thank you so much, police officer. And whoa, guys, my bag is right over here. And no guess let me just buy myself a ticket. So as you can see, guys, the police officers actually on the computer and I just want to buy a ticket for my flight. 
So let’s do this. Can I buy one ticket, please? OK, guys, OK, he said, OK, OK, I’m going to buy myself one ticket and I’m guessing we do have one ticket. The police officer gave us our ticket and we’re at this airport is actually super cool. As you can see, there are literally a lot of fountains. 

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As you can see, there is one, two, three, four, five. And there’s also other fountains right over here. And these the fountains actually look super cool. But now gays, the police officer gave me a ticket, but as you can see, there’s a place where you can actually buy some food. 

So I guess before we actually go inside of the airplane, let just by ourselves some food. So, guys, let’s do this right over here. Guys, we’re actually going to get the food. And as you can see, there’s actually a grill right over here. And I’m guessing she actually works in the food place.

 So what should we get told her? I want some burgers. I guess so. Let’s just buy me some burgers. OK, guys, as you can see, we can actually get yourself some burgers. And I’m guessing this actually. OK, we should tell her, guys, is this food shop free or I need to pay you some money or something like that. 

Guys, is this shop for free or not? So this food shop is actually for free, so I guess we can get as many burgers as we can. Thank you so much. OK, guys, so just buy me some burgers because I’m literally super hungry. One burger. Two burgers, three burgers, these burgers are literally delicious, thank you so, so much, he says. And he also wants some milk. 

So yeah, guys, can I please have some milk? And will she also give me some milk? She’s really the best. So I guess let me just drink myself milk. OK, guys, we’re drinking the milk and I also want some water. So can I please have one water. OK, guys. OK, guys, because she gave me a cup of water and I’m literally full. Thank you so, so much for giving me the burgers for free. 

OK, guys, I’m just going to tell her thanks, but I guess I just go to the bathroom before we actually go to the plane. But now, guys, I’m also going to wash my hands because they just need a couple of burgers and also I also drink some water and also some milk. And here’s the bathroom. As you can see, there’s also some toilet paper and a bathroom and also garbage bin. 

So I guess they just go to the plane. We got our tickets. We got checked out by the police and we also ate some food. But now, guys, let’s just make our way to the plane. And as you can see, it says an arrow right over here. And this is also like a place where you can actually walk over here. And there are also some stairs, as you can see. But I guess they just go to the plane and literally super excited. And there’s also another arrow right over here. But I guess we were actually in the plane.

 This is actually amazing, as you can see. And the chairs literally look super duper comfortable, as you can see. I guys, here are the chairs, as you can see, there are one, two, three, four, five, six chairs in this airplane. It’s literally amazing, as you can see. And I just realized that you can also bring your pet, as you can see. So I guess I’ll just bring my pet unicorn to the plane. 

And boom, guys, here is my pet unicorn and, you know, pet unicorn, come over here, I’m just going to bring my pet unicorn. So as you can see, guys, my unicorn doesn’t want to move from these chairs, so I’m just going to let my pet unicorn in the chair, as you can see, because my pet unicorn just wants her own seat, as you can see.

 So instead of her going right over here to the sleeping bed, she actually wants to go in the seat. So, guys, it’s OK. My pet unicorn can stay right over here and I’m just going to sit right over here. But I guess this airplane literally looks super cool. And I’m guessing this place is actually where you can actually control the airplane. It’s actually super cool. 

So as you can see, because there are actually three machines. So one, two, three. And the pilots and I’m guessing the pilot actually sits over here and he actually makes the airplane move because this is actually super cool. But as you know, guys, this airplane doesn’t move because this airplane doesn’t move. But it just looks amazing and it literally looks like an airplane. But I guess this is actually super duper cool. 

But as you can see, yes, now my pet is actually sleepy, so I got her into the plane that. But right over here, guys, is my pet unicorn. She’s literally sitting and here are the chairs. This place actually looks super duper cool. So I guess this airplane actually looks amazing, as you can see. And here we can actually put your bag and guessing. As you can see, there’s also some boxes right over here or you can actually put your stuff. 

But I guess this airport literally looks super duper cool, but I guess thank you so much for watching this video make it to subscribe to my channel on personifications like this video, but it’s DeBois signing off. Guys, see you guys later. Peace.

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